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Super-Size To Fun-Size
Super-Size To Fun-Size
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Have you ever wondered why your favourite childhood chocolate bar has slowly diminished Could it just be that as we get older our memories make everything better in the past? The summers were warmer, the toys better and the chocolate bars were larger and tasted better? Perhaps they have stayed the same but our memories have tricked us into thinking that they are a smaller and paler imitation of their former selves? No. The masters of confectionary magic have been shaving off grams here and there and changing ingredients from – for example – sugar to corn syrup. These changes have allowed them to maintain the price points at rertail and maintain r increase their profits as coists increased. But now the major players have a valid reason to shift their choccie bars from super size to fun size.
It is a bit like sexy women seem to have shrunk over the years. Marilyn Monroe was far from a fat lass. And Sofia Loren and Monica Belucci are stunning with their curves and tight bodies. But none of them would be cast now as they were in their heyday. In my experience, this is also true for girls who escort Ibiza men. Now it all about the photos that are on the web site. And the famous guideline that the camera adds ten pounds (five kilos) is absolutely true. So some of the sexiest and most appealing women “in the flesh” when you meet them do not get the booking that they deserve because they look “thick” or “fat” in their photos. No, that is what real life sensual sex appeal looks like, guys!
Anyway, chocolate bar manufacturers are planing to reduce the size of some of their best known brands by twenty per cent in a bid to comply with the new guidelines on cutting down the amoutn of suar (or corn syrup) in food stuffs, which includes chocolate bars.
Companies such as Mars, nestle, Cadbury and Rowntree plan to shrink the size of household name chocolate treats such as Kit Kats, Mars Bars, Dairy Milk and Galaxy in order to reduce the amount of sugars in them (natural or unnatural, sugar is sugar inside the body if not in the mouth) as part of a Public health England plan to fight childhood obesity. Apparently, in the modern nany state, common sense and discipline is not down to the individual or parents. It has to be impiosed by government dictat. I despair sometimes
Although other producers of other high sugar products such as yoghurt, fizzy drinks and breakfast cereal can change theor recipes to include more artificial sweeteners, chocolate manufacturers have warned that this would ruin the taste of the bars. And it could even have a laxative effect – which anyone who has ever eaten carob bars or drunk too many aspartame filled drinks will understand!